Make Rocket Science The Easy Part

Focus on your business goals and project development.
We take care of the astrodynamics.

Space Mission Design and Operations

Rely on our expertise designing, optimizing, and navigating the most complex spacecraft trajectories ever flown. We are aware of Planetary Protection requirements, and can develop powerful infrastructure for space mission design and operations.

Operations Research

Solve your most challenging optimization problems to drive business value. Whether it is related to transportation, planning and scheduling, resource allocation, or vehicle routing, we can help you develop and solve optimization models using state-of-the art tools and techniques for large-scale systems.


Be proactive in the protection of your most critical assets. We can audit your Cloud Computing resources looking for vulnerabilities, provide pre- and post-mortem forensic services, and help you maintain regulatory compliance, such as the requirements imposed by the Department of Defense in the DFAR 252.204-7012 and NIST SP 800-171.

High-Performance Computing

Save time and money by letting us implement your most sophisticated scientific and numerical computing algorithms (we speak C++ and Python better than English). No datacenter? No problem — we can deploy solutions securely in the Cloud.

Analytics and Machine Learning

Go beyond the hype to create explanatory and/or predictive models based on messy and incomplete datasets. Though we love the tools, our analytics are more than just using Pandas, R, or Spark. Similarly, our machine learning solutions don't stop at from sklearn import *.

Training and Education

Cultivate in-house expertise by letting us help your team get rapidly up-to-speed in the most relevant tools and techniques available for your industry. From introductory, short Python courses, to custom week-long seminars in highly-specialized topics, such as astrodynamics and large-scale numerical optimization.

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